The Vines


Forsythe Vineyard, Lovall Valley, Napa Valley AVA

Although our vineyard lies within Napa County lines, Lovall Valley is in fact only accessible from the east side of Sonoma. This compact, verdant bowl sits 650 feet above sea level. It is a humble 1.25 miles long and a half-mile wide, lying west of Carneros, at the south end of the Mayacamas Mountain range.

Forsythe Vineyard occupies a unique southwest facing slope, allowing a cool, sleepy morning while the sun crests, followed by the long, sun soaked days of summer. Our well-established, head-trained vines dig deep into the sandy loam soil so that very little irrigation is needed during the growing season. 



Rossi Ranch, Sonoma Valley AVA

While driving through Rossi Ranch, it’s hard not to take it in: a feeling of a land long farmed and inherently maintained. Ancient, eye-popping ocher soils lace vines sloping towards sunset. If you follow those hills, you will find the Pacific Ocean, and the fog makes its way here all year. During the summer and fall, the land is baked, the vine is fed, and the grapes produced show astounding character.

Our Grenache vines sit on a northwest facing slope. While the grapes are exposed to more than sufficient heat and sunlight through summer and fall, the breeze which blows down Sonoma Valley allows a long hang time on the vines, where they soak in what the French call terroir—truly this Grenache is a taste of the place.

Organically farmed by Phil Coturri of Enterprise Vineyards.



Saureel Vineyards, Sierra Foothills AVA

Saureel Vineyards is located in the Sierra Foothills at 1,650’, just west of the El Dorado National Forest. The vines are outside the town of Placerville, sitting in what is known as the “Banana Belt” of El Dorado County. This location enjoys a long, warm growing season despite the mountain’s rain shadow, while the cool night air slips down towards the American River Canyon.

Historically, this site was dedicated to pears and cherries, but was planted with a variety of vines in 2016. Unique soils of decomposed granite allow equally unique, aromatic grape varieties to express themselves to the fullest, and our Sauvignon Musque is no exception.